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Who are we?

First of all, we are not an estate agent or realtor. Right Mallorca is a property listing website. We cut out the middle man – the agent, along with all of the fees that they carry.

We don’t take a cent more than our fixed price listing fee of 49.99 euros for a standard listing, or add an extra 34.99 euros to make your listing featured, whether your property is a sub 100k studio, or a 20 million euro chateau. You list your property, we promote it. It’s that simple.

Obviously we don’t expect everyone to handle their own legal work, so we have partnered with a number of legal advisors, morgage brokers, and more, all of which are English speaking, and based here in Mallorca ready to assist you with the sale or purchase of your property.

There’s no bias either – we don’t charge them to advertise here, all we ask is that in return for promoting their business, they offer you a discount of 20% of their fees.

So, whether you are here to sell your property, or you are here to rent or buy, rest assured, the only money we are interested in is the listing fee – fixed price, no small print, fairness is our number one priority!

Why Choose us?

Right Mallorca was established to cater to the thousands of English speaking ex-pats that currently live in Mallorca. In fact, there are around 50,000 British ex-pats that are residents here in Mallorca. There are also many other nationalities living here with more moving to the island each year. Right Mallorca has been created to allow this demographic to be able to buy, sell, and rent property in Mallorca.

We don’t allow agents to list properties. We don’t want our site swamped by out of date real estate or so saturated that you can’t see the trees for the wood. We’re all about quality, not quantity. Your property listing will gain far more exposure, and you won’t have to keep listing it every week just to bump it up the results.


Registration is completely free. You can browse properties without the need to register, but we strongly recommend it for the added benefits you will get such as saving properties to your favourites and saving searches for next time your on the site. To list a property, a standard listing costs only 49.99 with no time limit on your listing.


Register now and list your property today!

All you need to do is register – it’s one account for listing properties and browsing properties as most people will want to do both simultaneously!